Working together for a resilient Birmingham.


Training and exercising

Whilst there are a number of emergency plans and arrangements for both the City Council and the multi-agency response, these need to be constantly reviewed and tested. For this reason, an ongoing programme of exercises is implemented to test various aspects of our arrangements, which runs alongside our comprehensive programme of emergency response role training.

trainingIn this way we refine and improve our arrangements, learning from the lessons that we experience in the exercises themselves. Internally, the City Council often tests the assumptions that are made within its own organisational emergency plans and the multi-agency Birmingham Resilience Group will also do the same.

Exercising our plans is essential to ensure all staff are effectively trained to undertake their roles in an emergency, and fully understand their responsibilities. It is also important that we train staff to increase their awareness of certain risks, and preparations in response to any consequent incident.

As well as exercising, plans are often improved through live experience of incidents. Each incident invariably creates or reveals a new set of circumstances and lessons to further improve and refine our arrangements.

For current training and exercises taking place please visit our News or Events Page for further information.