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Counter Terrorism Advice for Businesses

Terrorism is just one of the many risks communities and businesses may face, so making simple plans to cover a whole range of emergencies is important.


Protecting Against Terrorism

This booklet is aimed at those who are responsible for the safety of others in businesses and in other organisations. It contains protective security advice derived from our role in advising organisations that own or operate key assets, services and systems which form part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

Protecting Against Terrorism gives general protective security advice from MI5’s National Security Advice Centre (NSAC). It is aimed at businesses and organisations seeking to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack, or to limit the damage terrorism might cause.

 Protecting Against Terrorism supersedes Bombs – Protecting People and Property, published by the Home Office in 1999

Project Griffin

Project Griffin is a national project aimed at enabling and encouraging business members to work in partnership with the police to deter and detect crime and counter terrorist activity.
The principal aims of Project Griffin are:

For details of future Project Griffin events or specific counter terrorism advice for your business contact West Midlands Police