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Fire risk assessment advice for businesses

It is of paramount importance to keep your business fire safe. By taking some simple basic precautions in working practices it is possible to minimise the risk of fire.

The watchword is vigilance by all of us at home and at work. It is hard enough battling market forces without the added risk of losing your business through having a fire. The biggest risk to any business is arson. Accidental fires are lapses in attention so it makes sound business sense to be aware and be prepared.

fire_risk_assessmentIn considering ways to keep your business safe from fire you should also consider Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (i.e. sprinklers). Although they may not be required legally they are a proven and effective means of affording protection from fire and both insurers and Fire & Rescue Services actively promote the benefits of it.

The Fire Service’s Keep Your Business in Business handbook contains some useful pointers, some of which are also legal requirements upon business management under existing fire safety legislation.

The guidance handbook contains all that you need to know to make your business as risk free from fire as possible. By reducing the day to day risk of accidental fire you are also reducing the risk of arson by the opportunist arsonist. These words may seem to be over emphasising arson but consider these facts and figures for a moment – Arson is the largest single cause of major fires in England and Wales.

In an average week in England arson results in: 1,200 deliberately set primary fires 50 injuries 2 deaths… at a weekly cost of at least £45million.