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Traffic and travel information


During times of travel and traffic disruption, there are a number of sources you can access to provide you with the latest information.

You may also find listening to your local radio station useful.

Travel and Traffic Information – Useful Sites:

Highways Agency
The Highways Agency is responsible for motorways and trunk roads in England.  Travel updates are available on their website or by calling 0300 123 5000.
Twitter: @HighwaysWMIDS


Information on bus, train, metro, plane, road travel, cycle routes, car parks and air quality is available at

National Express West Midlands
Details of any National Express West Midlands bus disruption go to
Twitter: @nxwestmidlands

Network West Midlands
Bus, train and metro information is available on their website
Twitter: @networkwm


Local public transport information is available via the Traveline information phone service (0871 200 22 33).  Traveline is open between 07:30 and 20:00 hrs Monday – Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00 hrs Sundays, the exception to the opening hours is Christmas day when Traveline is closed.

Local public transport information is also available on screens located at key bus interchanges located throughout the city centre and on their website: