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Advice when at work

Does your employer have an emergency plan? Does your place of work regularly test fire and bomb evacuation alarm systems and carry out a fire evacuation drill at least annually or as determined by a fire risk assessment?

The current fire safety legislation requires that a person who employs more than 5 people and is the ‘responsible person’ for the building/premises should provide, as part of the fire safety risk assessment, an emergency plan that takes into account evacuation of all people who are likely to be in or use the building or premises, including disabled people. The plan should also state how it should be implemented. For further advice and information visit the following websites:

advice_workIn the event of an evacuation for other reasons, for example an evacuation due to a suspect device, a ‘public address system’ should be used in place of an ‘alarm’ system. When leaving the building always follow the route identified in the emergency plan unless you are advised to take an alternative direction via the police. Do not use a mobile phone during your evacuation from the building.

If an explosion occurs outside your building and you are advised to remain indoors, move away from windows into the centre of the room and take shelter under desks and tables if required.

Do not return to your place of work following an emergency evacuation unless the emergency services advise that it is safe to return.

Remember to make plans for a friend or relative to collect your children from school if your normal time of leaving work is delayed. Your school will need to know the names of person(s) you have designated to collect your children.