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Advice when in the car



With over 42% of Birmingham households owning one car and 20% owning 2 cars it is not surprising how congested our major trunk roads and motorways are becoming.

There can be situations where you may be stuck in your car for a number of hours. This could be due to sheer volume of traffic, a major accident or because of severe weather conditions such as flooding or snow and ice.

Make sure you don’t get caught out! Make sure you plan for the unexpected.

Be prepared and keep an emergency kit in your boot!

All year round you should keep:

Additionally, in winter months:

Advice when driving in heavy rain, standing water and floods

Heavy Rain
During heavy downpours even the most modern road surfaces are still susceptible to standing water.  This not only reduces your visibility but creates a potential aquaplaning hazard.  To reduce the risk of accident please drive slowly but if steering does become unresponsive ease off the accelerator and slow down gradually. 

Standing Water
Only ever drive through standing water if you can visually see the surface and it is shallow.  Drive slowly (at a crawl pace) and steadily to avoid creating a bow wave and test your brakes as soon as you can after leaving the water.   Don’t ever drive fast through standing water as you may experience aquaplaning.

Do not ever attempt to drive or walk through fast moving water – your car could easily be swept away.  

For further advice and information from the AA visit:


If you have to drive somewhere, it is also sensible to think about conserving fuel and saving money!