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First Aid tips

Provided by St John Ambulance –

Even if you have no First Aid training, following very basic guidelines can save lives. But before taking any action, try to control your feelings and take a moment to think!

1First Aid Tips - Unconsciousness


Unconsciousness: If the casualty is unconscious, listen to ensure they are breathing then gently turn them on to their side and gently tilt their chin (preferably into the Recovery Position if you know how). This will help to prevent their tongue blocking their airway or them choking on their own vomit.


Breathing problems: If the casualty is conscious, help them into the most comfortable position to ease their breathing, (usually half sitting). If there is a wound in the chest cover it immediately to stop air entering.


1First Aid Tips - BleedingBleeding: Stopping severe bleeding will help to maintain circulation, so raise the injured part if possible and press directly over the wound (ask the casualty to help and wear protective gloves when possible). Cover the wound with a dressing if possible, or improvise by using clean material.




1First Aid Tips - Burns



Burns: Immediately apply cold water if available to cool the skin (for a minimum of 10 minutes and keep it clean by covering the part with a dressing covered with plastic.







1aFirst Aid Tips - Broken BonesBroken bones: Advise the casualty to keep still and, if a limb is involved, gently hold above and below where you suspect the bone is broken.





In all of the above instances:


For details of how you can enrol on first aid courses or become a volunteer please contact:

St John Ambulance 0121 236 6660

British Red Cross 0121 766 5444