Working together for a resilient Birmingham.


Specific risks

Here you can find out more information on some of the risks we face.

  • Flooding
  • Heatwave
  • Terrorism
  • Birmingham City Centre
  • Climate Change
  • Snow and low temperatures
  • Met Office, Severe Weather Warnings
  • Cyber Security
  • The UK National Risk Register

    The risks that the UK faces are continually changing: risks emerge, threats evolve and our ability to respond to the disruptive challenges we face improves. The Government monitors the most significant emergencies that the United Kingdom and its citizens could face over the next five years through the National Risk Assessment (NRA). This confidential assessment is conducted annually and draws on expertise from a wide range of departments and agencies of government and was used in planning for events such as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The National Risk Register (NRR) is the public version and this 2012 edition has been produced to reflect the latest iteration of the National Risk Assessment.

    Open the pdf The National Risk Register 2012 for more information on the risks of civil emergencies. Information on how Government and Emergency Responders are planning for these risks. There is also information for businesses, voluntary organisations, communities and families so that we can all find out more about how to prepare for emergencies.

    Download the National Risk Register 2012 – UK Government

    The National Security Risk Strategy

    The Government also published in 2010 a National Security Strategy A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty which outlines the reappraisal of Britain’s role in the world, the risks to our security and their implication for the UK.

    The strategy has been drawn up by the new National Security Council as part of an assessment of Britain’s defence needs.

    This Strategy describes how we need the structures in place to allow us to react quickly and effectively to new and evolving threats to our security.