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Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham City Council has worked closely with the police and other partners to develop the Birmingham City Centre Evacuation Plan. The Birmingham City Centre Evacuation Plan provides a comprehensive plan for the evacuation of all, or part of, the city centre in the event of an alert or a major incident including terrorist attack, major fire or natural disaster.

The plan includes a map which divides the city centre into zones to:

I work or live in the city centre. How will I know that an evacuation is required?

Police officers will coordinate evacuation of the area(s) assisted by Police Community Support Officers, City Centre Street Wardens, building representatives and security staff.

The primary methods of communication used by the Police during a major incident are by broadcasting messages via:

What should I do if an evacuation of my building / location is required?

Practical steps for city centre premises/business owners

Under UK health and safety legislation, ALL premises must have an evacuation plan. It is good practice to have separate fire and bomb evacuation procedures.  When developing evacuation plans refer to the ‘Keep Your Business In Business’ (KYBIB) handbook developed by West Midlands Arson Task Force which contains some useful pointers, some of which are also legal requirements upon business management under existing fire safety legislation.

In addition, you should consider including the following in your plans:

West Midlands Police and Birmingham Community Alert Scheme

Birmingham Community Alert is a service for all residents and businesses in Birmingham.  Importantly, you will be able to receive emergency text or voice messages during an emergency incident.

Emergency messages are usually delivered by SMS (text messages), but messages can be delivered by landline, fax, e-mails and pagers. 

A message on evacuation may include:

Birmingham Community Alert is quick and easy to sign up to by going to our secure online sign up form. You can also sign up by text message by sending a message to 83118 with ALERT followed by your postcode.      

Where can I get more information?

Two initiatives which may be of interest to local businesses and run by West Midlands Police are Project Griffin and Project Argus.  For more information visit:

Project Argus

Project Griffin

PDF   Birmingham City Centre Evacuation Map

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