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The Birmingham Resilience Group has arrangements in place to monitor and respond to flooding in Birmingham. Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency have worked closely with flood-affected communities to support the development of local community flood warning plans.

Flooding can pose a serious hazard to lives and property. By taking simple precautions you can minimise the damage caused by flooding. The Environment Agency ‘Floodline Warnings Direct’ service offers flood warnings for England and Wales. This service allows residents to receive free flood warnings relevant to their location. Warnings can be sent 24 hours a day to email addresses, mobile phones (as an SMS text message), voice message (to a landline telephone), fax or pager. In addition, a ‘Floodline’ telephone service can be accessed day or night for real-time flood warnings and advice.

FLOODLINE 0845 988 1188

Anyone who is at risk from flooding from rivers and within one of the Environment Agency, Flood Warning Area’s will automatically be signed-up to receive warnings to their landline telephone.  The Environment Agency have now automatically signing up over 500,000 households and businesses across the UK.  Residents can contact the Environment Agency to provide additional and/or alternative contact details.   See the following link for more information on this:

Flood Symbols and Messages

The Environment Agency flood symbols are provided below with details of their warning messages which give clear guidance about what people need to do.

Flood Alert – this replaces the previously used Flood Watch.  A Flood Alert means that flooding is possible and that you need to be prepared.
Flood Warning – means that flooding is expected and that you should take immediate action.  You should take action when a flood warning is issued and not wait for a severe flood warning.
Severe Flood Warning – means that there is severe flooding and danger to life.  These are issued when flooding is posing significant risk to life or disruption to communities.

 A three day flood forecast for England and Wales is now available on the Environment Agency website.  This shows, county by county, where there is a risk of flooding over the next three days.  The three-day forecast is updated at least once a day.

Flood Forecasting Centre

Flooding warnings are currently only available to the public for river and coastal flooding.  However, the Environment Agency and the Met Office, now work in partnership within the Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) to improve forecasts for all natural forms of flooding – river, surface water, tidal/coastal and groundwater.  This combines the meteorology and hydrology expertise into a specialised hydrometeorology service.

Real-time River Level Information

The Environment Agency also provide river and sea levels on their website.  This information will show you what is happening to water levels in your area.

Environment Agency Flood Alerts

Flood Warning Feeds
You can now take information (RSS feeds) from the Environment Agency web pages showing the number of national and regional flood warnings in force.  These pages are updated every 15 minutes on their website.  Using features such as “Google Reader” you can create automatic updates to display on your own computer or website.

The Environment Agency’s three steps to take to prepare for flooding:

  1. Visit the Environment Agency website or call their 24 hour Floodline on 0845 988 1188 to find out if you are at risk of flooding;
  2. Find out if flood warnings are available in your area and how you can personalise your flood warning notification methods;
  3. Make sure you understand the flood warning codes so you know what to do when a flood warning is issued.

For information on preparing emergency kits, please follow this link to the relevant section on this website:

Practical Advice

The Environment Agency and Public Health England have jointly produced a leaflet advising what you can do to prepare for flooding, during flooding and after flooding.  This can be found by clicking here.

The Environment Agency also offers practical advice for coping with floods, and minimising the damage that flood water can cause, such as:

For more information please visit

To assist Birmingham residents, we have prepared a downloadable leaflet to provide residents with advice on what to do before, during and after a flood and relevant useful contact details.

Download our flood advice leaflet for the public – Flood Advice Leaflet (Final_V5.0_June2016)

Other useful flooding related information available on our website include:

Live API River Level Feeds