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Fire Service at Fire on Industrial Estate in Sutton Coldfield

15:20hrs Update

West Midlands Fire Service have provided the following update:

10:00hrs Update

During the Fire Service damping down phase an acetylene cylinder was found within the building.  The standard operating procedure for a cylinder that has been involved in fire was intitiated and a 50m cordon was established.  On advice of a specialist fire officer this will be reduced if safe to do so.  The fire service on the scene are coordinating with local businesses to minimise the impact to their businesses.



West Midlands Fire Service are at the scene of a fire at an industrial unit at the Castle Vale Industrial Estate, off the Kingsbury Road, Sutton Coldfield. The Fire Service have a 10 pump response and hydraulic platform at the scene.  No residential properties are affected.  However, the Police have cordoned off access to the Industrial Estate at Forge Lane with its junction with Kingsbury Road.  This may mean local traffic disruption to the area and restricted access to other businesses within the Industrial Estate.  There has been no identified public health risk.


The Fire Service are expected to remain at the scene throughout the morning. West Midlands Fire Service are providing updates on their twitter account @WestMidsFire

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