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Hagley Road road closure

Update – Tuesday 31st May 2011 @ 10:30

Demolition crews remain on site and work will commence shortly to make the site safe.  Further road closures today are not now expected.  This will be the final update on this incident.

Update @ 15:20

We have received an updated which confirms the reopening of the out-of-city lanes of the Hagley Road.  However, one lane remains closed on the in-to-city carriageway whilst gas and electricity companies work on site.  Once the work has been completed in approximately 2 hours time the remaining lane will also be reopened.  The footpath remains closed for safety reasons. Work will commence tomorrow as detailed below.  Commuters should take note of the potential for some disruption in this area tomorrow.

Update @ 12:50

We have now had confirmation that both sides of the carriageway are closed however we have been informed the road will be completly re-opened within the next 2-3 hours.  The in-to-city footpath will be blocked off for safety reasons.

Demolition crews will be returning tomorrow (Monday) to continue work on the building.  This is likely to involve further road closures, however disruption will be kept to a minimum and will avoid peak traffic times.

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Hagley Road on the in-to-city carriageway between Barnsley Road and Meadow Road is closed. 

Demolition crews and Birmingham City Council building surveyors are attending to an unsafe building following a fire yesterday (Sunday 29th May).  Once the building has been made safe the road will be re-opened.   The road is expected to be closed for the remainder of this morning and the early part of this afternoon.

Traffic disruption is likely in the area.

We will provide a further update shortly.

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