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Kenelm Road, Small Heath – fire

Wednesday 25th August – 16:43

West Midlands Fire Service have confirmed that the 24-hour cooling off period for the acetylene cylinder involved in the fire will end at 18:00 this evening. Once the cylinder has been removed from the scene the cordon will be lifted and residents will be allowed back into their properties.

No further updates will be given unless there is a change to the plan outlined above. The Council Emergency Information Line will continue to be available on 0121 303 1101 this evening.

Wednesday 25th August – 11:45

A very small number of houses outlined below will remain evacuated for safety reasons.  A police presence will remain within the vicinity today to ensure the continued safety of everyone and their properties.

Any residents who have concerns should contact our information line on 0121 303 1101.  The West Midlands Police neighbourhood policing team can be contacted on 0345 113 5000.


A joint press release has been issued on behalf of Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service.

The risk to residents due to gas cylinders which were unsafe following a fire has been reassessed by specially trained staff. The vast majority of people living in the area can now return to their normal daily lives, however a small number of houses will need to remain evacuated for safety reasons.

Those houses that will remain evacuated are:

Floyer Road and Kenelm Road will remain closed to vehicles between the junctions with Charles Road and Mansall Road.

Birmingham City Council and the Emergency Services understand the disruption that this incident has caused in the area, particularly during the festival of Ramadan, and are extremely grateful for everyone’s cooperation and assistance throughout this matter. A Police and Emergency Services presence will remain within the vicinity for the next 24 hours to ensure the continuing safety of everyone and their properties concerned.


The cordon is now safe to reduce to approximately 50 metres.   Closures will shortly be lifted and residents will be allowed to return to their homes apart from a very small number of houses where they are still considered a safety risk.


The city council have activated an emergency information line for anyone affected by the incident to obtain advice and information.  The number is 0121 303 1101.


An emergency rest centre has been established at Saltley Leisure Centre, Broadway Avenue for anyone who is affected by the incident and can’t gain access to their properties.


There are road closures in and around Charles Road, Mansel Road, Somerville Road, Floyer Road, Dora Road, Bankes Road, Marlbrough Road and Hugh Road.   There will be no passage to traffic/pedestrians for the foreseeable future.  This is in the Small Health area of Birmingham.


There is currently a fire in Kenelm Road, Small Heath. 

The fire service have advised evacuation in the immediate area.  Kenelm Road and the immediate area are now subject to a Police cordon.  We are currently awaiting further information and a Council officer is on their way to the scene to speak with the emergency services and provide further updates to residents and businesses.

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