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Protest in City Centre – Saturday 29th October

Update at 17:00hrs Saturday 29 October 2011

West Midlands Police have confirmed that all activity around the EDL protest and separate community event, is now complete. All roads in the city centre have now reopened. 

 Update at 15:50hrs Saturday 29 October 2011

Broad Street, City Centre is now open.

Update at 14:30hrs Saturday 29 October 2011

West Midlands Police have implimented a short term closure on Broad Street, City Centre to manage crowds.

Update at 10:30hrs Saturday 29 October 2011

A large number of Police officers are now on the ground around Victoria Square and surrounding areas.  Barriers have been put up around Victoria Square.  However, access is still possible (although restricted) through to Chamberlain Square. 

West Midlands Police have now placed traffic restrictions on some roads in the city centre around Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square and Centenary Square.  Buses and deliveries to businesses will still be allowed into the area but no general traffic access will be permitted. Traffic restrictions include:
– Margaret Street at its junction with Great Charles Street 

– Cornwall Street at its junction with Newhall Street

– Edmund Street at its junction with Newhall Street

– Colmore Row at its junction with Newhall Street

– Waterloo Street at its junction with Bennetts Hill

– New Street with its junction with Bennetts Hill

– Pinfold Street at its junction with Stephenson Street

– Hill Street with its junction with Navigation Street

– Swallow Street with its junction with Brunel Street

Update at 15:00hrs Friday 28 October 2011

A peaceful protest is planned for Birmingham city centre on Saturday 29 October 2011.  Supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) will visit the city to stage a static demonstration, whilst a separate community event will also be held in the city simultaneously.  EDL supporters will gather in Centenary Square whilst the community event will take place in Chamberlain Square.

The Police have confirmed they will impose conditions on this weekend’s planned demonstrations. A notice has been issued to organisers to inform them of these conditions.  The conditions placed on the English Defence League demonstration will be:

• The protest shall take place in Centenary Square.

• The duration of the protest will be no longer than two hours commencing no earlier than 1pm and ending no later than 3pm on 29 October.

Conditions have also been imposed on the community event, ‘Unity and Celebration of Differences’ and any counter demonstration which manifests itself. Those conditions will be:

• The event, and any counter demonstration, will take place in Chamberlain Square.

• The event will be no longer than three and a half hours commencing no earlier than 12.30pm and ending no later than 4pm, on 29 October.

West Midlands Police will be staging a large-scale operation on the day to ensure that everyone who comes in to the city centre, either as part of the protest group, or to go about their daily business, can do so in safety.

There may be a requirement by the Police to implement traffic restrictions on certain roads.  This may include roads around Victoria Square (including part of Colmore Row and Hill Street).  The decision to implement traffic restrictions will be made during Saturday if required.  This may affect local bus services. For up-to-date information on National Express West Midlands bus services visit their website at: . Alternatively you can visit  or for details on bus services and other travel information.
As part of West Midlands Police arrangements, restrictions to pedestrian access may be put in place on Saturday in some locations around Victoria, Centenary and Chamberlain Squares. However, the Police have plans to put up signs to redirect the public and Police Officers will be on hand to provide assistance with directions.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will remain open as normal.  However, the Hall of Memory on Centenary Square will be closed on Saturday.

 The latest press releases by West Midlands police are published on:

We will provide further information and issue further Birmingham Community Alert messages as required.

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