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Snow response

Update @ 14:37

Reactive gritting in city hot spots has been taking place this afternoon and gritters are due out across all standard routes at 15:00. We are exploring flexible crew working so that if roads in one part of the city are confirmed clear then we can double up in another area. Plus, we are working closely with the bus companies, identifying their pinch-points, in an effort to do everything possible to ensure people can get on with their daily business tomorrow.  We would ask people to consider their own personal preparedness ie dressing in warm clothing; safe driving ie making sure their windscreens are clear; and good neighbourliness ie keeping an eye on those who might be older or more vulnerable.  


Update @ 11:14

Roads around the city centre are running pretty well and staff are doing what they can to clear and grit footpaths in the city centre in an effort to maintain as close to business as usual for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. We are replenishing grit bins as best we can across the city, prioritising areas such as local shopping centres. But the weather conditions have been severe with temperatures as low as -9C, which is hampering the effectiveness of the grit, so we would ask businesses and other partners to do what they safely can to help clear the snow. Gritters  will be back out on the roads again later this afternoon, when temperatures are expected to have risen slightly making the treatment more effective.    

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is working towards opening at 12:30, as would be usual.

We understand that all National Express services that run into the city centre are operating as normal but please check their website for more detailed information

Update @ 8:41

All routes were treated in the early hours but salt effectiveness is being hampered by extremely low temperatures. Take extra care when driving.


Update @ 20:20 – 18 December 2010

This is the latest information on the ongoing response to snow in Birmingham and a warning to drivers to take extra care on Birmingham’s roads.


As the snow has subsided and temperatures remain low there is a risk of black ice and hoar-frost, so drivers are advised to take extra care.


After the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery closed  early this afternoon, the aim is to open as normal (12.30 – 5pm) tomorrow but this will be reviewed in the morning. 


After low footfall and a number of traders packing up early today, a decision has been taken to postpone the car boot sale on the Wholesale Market and not to open the rag and open markets tomorrow, largely due to health and safety reasons and the expected low footfall. The Indoor Market will be open as planned.


Ongoing, repeat treatments continued throughout the afternoon, and as traffic subsides ploughing will be carried out this evening.

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