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Tuesday – further disorder in City Centre


There have been no significant changes to the situation.  There are small groups causing sporadic disorder in various parts of the city centre and surrounding areas, however the Police have continued with a robust approach using significant resources.


The majority of the City Centre has now been secured by the Police.  There have been sporadic incidents of disorder including items on fire in the Digbeth area and a car set alight in Carrs Lane.  

National Express West Midlands are suspending all buses in the West Midlands from 21:30 except services in Walsall and Coventry.


West Midlands Police update on West Midlands disorder:

West Midlands Police continue to deal with some instances of disorder across the region.

Police in Birmingham are managing a large group of people causing disorder in several areas within the city centre. There have been some shops attacked, and there is also a report of a car having been set alight in Moor Street.

A large team of officers are working in the city centre to restore calm and bring the city back to normality.

Police have currently arrested three people in Birmingham city centre.

There was also some disorder in Kings Heath earlier this afternoon, but this group dispersed. There was minor damage to one police vehicle.

In West Bromwich there were reports of a large group of people in the town centre earlier this evening, but they have now dispersed, with no further incidents reported. Officers remain on the ground monitoring the situation.

Police in Wolverhampton have responded to reports of a large group of people in the city centre, with some reports of attacks on shops.

Officers remain concerned that young people are being drawn into unlawful activity and encourage families and communities to contact their children and ensure their young people are safely at home during this period.

West Midlands Police continue to work closely with our partners and key members of the community to help calm tensions.

Contingency plans in place tonight which will see 400 dedicated officers working extended shifts across the West Midlands, who will be able to respond to any situation that may develop, in addition to local officers who will continue to serve and protect their communities locally.

Police are also asking anybody with images or videos of the disorder taken on mobile phones or cameras to email them to officers. People can email directly to


There are still areas of disorder in the City Centre area.  We can not list the locations as this is a fast moving situation.  There has been damage to property and windows.  We are working with West Midlands Police who are responding with significant police resources.


The details below are a current summary of the transport position in Birmingham City Centre:

Buses – Buses are terminating short of the City Centre and using turn-around points.  Pick up points have been moved back out of the main centre and out on the inner ring road.

Trains – All three mainline train stations (New Street, Snow Hill, Moor Street) are operating.  The Pallasades entrance to New Street has been closed.

Metro – The midland metro is operating as normal.

Taxis – Main taxi companies report they are operating in the City Centre where possible.



There is disorder in some areas of the City Centre this evening (Tuesday 9th).

Buses are now terminating short of the City Centre and turning round, mostly on the inner ring road.

We understand trains are running as normal.  Roads out of the City are busier than normal.

We are working closely with West Midlands Police in order to prevent a repeat of last night’s disorder in the City.  We will provide further updates when possible.

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