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Volcanic ash cloud – travel disruption

Update: 20/4/10  22:00

All UK airports have now started to re-open.  Disruption is still expected to continue, so passengers should still contact their airline for the latest advice.

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Update: 20/04/10 11:00

The situation in relation to air travel continues to change and be unpredictable.  If you are due to travel you should continue to contact your airline or travel agent for the latest advice.

The UK Government is continuing to do all it can to help people who have been affected by this disruption. 

Passengers who are stranded and have an EU carrier have a right to food and accommodation.  They should contact their airline if they have not got those arrangements in place.

There is no change to current health protection advice.


Update: 17/04/10 12:00

Flights continue to be suspended across most of the UK.   Passengers are advised to contact their airline or travel agent for advice.

There is no change to current health protection advice as there has been no significant change in the way the plume of volcanic ash is behaving. It is patchy, mainly at high altitude, with only small amounts reaching ground level. 


Update: 15/04/10 12:30

There is no information that can indicate an end date for this particular incident at the moment.  The volcano is continuing to erupt and there is no change to the weather pattern expected for the next few days.  Flights continue to be suspended in the UK airspace. 

The Health Protection Agency is advising that the plume of volcanic ash currently trapped in the atmosphere above the United Kingdom is not a significant risk to public health because it is at high altitude.


Update: 15/04/10 09:10

Airline passengers are facing massive disruption across the UK after an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland has grounded planes.

vocano_smallAsh from the eruption is expected to spread across most areas of the UK.  The amount of ash reaching the UK is not currently expected to be significant, however air travel is severely affected and passengers are advised to check with their airlines if they are due to travel.

No flights will be permitted in UK airspace from 12:00.

The UK Met Office will continue to actively monitor the situation.

Health impacts for the public in the UK are unlikely, however advice will be issued should it become necessary.

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