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Yellow Warning of Rain Saturday 7th June 2014

The Met Office have had a warning in place re the potential for some very heavy and thundery rain at times on Saturday.   There is still a good deal of uncertainty in the detail of the forecast but there may be periods of heavy and thundery rain across the West Midlands region during Saturday.

Forecasts indicate that the main risk will be from periods of rain from the very early hours of Saturday until late afternoon.  It is not expected to rain throughout this period but periods of rain will come and go and the intensities may vary greatly across the region.  There is the scope for some very intense rain at times, which may lead to some surface water flooding and poor driving conditions.   There may also be some impacts from lightning and hail which will be an additional hazard.

 Weather on Sunday may be better although some heavy showers are still likely and further heavy showers can be expected on Monday.

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