Working together for a resilient Birmingham.


Local flood action groups

Birmingham has a history of localised flooding, more recently in June 2007, July 2007 and Sept 2008.  Flooding can happen quickly and without warning and can be a very frightening experience for residents who are unaware of what to do or where to get advice.

Birmingham is fortunate to have local residents who volunteer their time to the wider benefit of their community. 

Flood volunteers in action

Flood volunteers in action

Residents have established local flood action groups to work with the Council and other agencies.  These flood action groups have developed flood action plans that outline community arrangements to respond to flooding events.  A flood action group normally consists of flood volunteers, wardens and a flood co-ordinator. Their roles may include speaking to key organisations to find out the current situation, advising local residents and identifying residents who may need assistance in placing flood protection measures.  Nominated persons within the flood action group receive direct flood warnings from the Environment Agency and Met Office Severe Weather Warnings via the Birmingham Resilience Team.

There are a number of local flood warden schemes in Birmingham.  For residents in these areas who would like to find out more and get involved please contact us.  We can put you in touch with the flood group co-ordinator for the following resident groups:

The Birmingham Resilience Team is encouraging communities at risk of flooding in developing local flood action groups.  We have worked closely with all four of our flood action groups and it is only by working together with local communities and neighbourhoods that we can minimise the impact of further flooding events.  This is particulary important in light of the likely increase of flood events as a result of climate change.

If you live in Birmingham, are in an area at risk of flooding and would like to set up a flood action group.  Please contact us so we can provide you with support and advice.

The Environment Agency website provides guidance on preparing community and personal flood plans.