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8th February – 14th February in history

Thankfully major emergencies are relatively rare. However, they do occur and if we are to avoid the mistakes of the past it is important to learn the lessons of history.


The safety of: football stadia; entertainment events; journeys by rail, air and sea transport; and many other aspects of daily life has dramatically improved because we have learnt from the disasters of the past.  This will include everything from the designing out of much of the risk (e.g. aircraft construction) through to the ability of the emergency services and other agencies to work more effectively when an emergency does occur.

Our ‘this week in history’ feature contains disasters and tragedies that have occurred across the world from 1950 to 2009.  As the website develops, we will increasingly link these events to the lessons learned and recommendations included in public reports and enquiries.


14 February 2004: Trolley carrying rails broke away from maintenance yard at Tebay, Cumbria and careered silently down west coast line crashing into maintenance workers killing 4 and injuring 3 others.

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