Working together for a resilient Birmingham.

“A magic and shining moment that’s going to last a lifetime”

Pritesh Pattni, a sports volunteer and Emergency Support Officer with Birmingham City Council’s Resilience Team today completed a leg of the Torch Relay as it came through the Black Country and Birmingham, culminating in an Evening Celebration at Cannon Hill Park.

Pritesh said “Words fail me when I try to paint a picture of my days experience. I was emotional, happy, ecstatic, overjoyed and elated all rolled into one.
“I am so proud to have been selected as part of this wonderful experience and every time I think about it, I smile all over again. “It was fantastic, meeting all the organisers and the other torch bearers and be able to share our stories and our days experience.

“This will always be a great memory for me to keep – it was just magic, a shining moment thats going to last for a lifetime”, and said that the day was made even more memorable because he got to share it with his family and friends who cheered him on every step of the way.

Pritesh has been a sports volunteer for over 25 years. His sport is badminton and he has given most of his volunteering time to Bidgley Badminton Club which is now a charity.

When he first began at the club there were few participants. His hard work transformed the club’s fortunes. It now has 15 coaches helping over 200 people improve their skills with a shuttlecock every week.

The club is aimed at young people between the age of 9-18. Pritesh works hard to make sure it is open and welcoming to all. It was the first disabled club in the West Midlands, with 24 disabled participants. Pritesh also dedicates a lot of time to encouraging participants from ethnic minority backgrounds to get involved, as well as running women only sessions.

Birmingham Resilience Team are very proud indeed of Pritesh and congratulate him on performing this honourable role on a wonderful day.

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