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Birmingham City Council Test of Emergency Response Procedures

Birmingham Resilience Team is responsible for the production, maintenance and testing of corporate emergency response and business continuity plans based on multi-agency risk assessments across all civil emergency risks arising from natural events, major accidents and malicious attacks. This includes maintenance of facilities and equipment for use during major emergency response activations and extensive co-operation / partnership working with City Council colleagues, emergency services, NHS, utility, transport, business, voluntary and community sectors.

A fundamental aspect of BRT’s work is the requirement to test and validate plans to ensure they are current and fit for purpose. Similarly the wide range of BCC officers that are required to respond in the capacity of specialist, technical or support roles all need regular training to ensure knowledge is current of both generic corporate response procedures as well as risk specific aspects.

On Wednesday 17th July 2013 an exercise took place to test the running of the Council Emergency Coordinating Centre (CECC). This is the facility from where the Council response is directed, and through which all partner agencies communicate.

The exercise involved 40+ officers from the Council. Colleagues from partner agencies kindly agreed to be involved, to add realism to the scenario.

The exercise enabled those participating to see the reality of a CECC activation, and feedback from the exercise will allow the council to review and amend arrangements as necessary.

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