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Birmingham welcomes Somali president

The President of the Somali Transitional Federal Government, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed visited Birmingham as part of his UK visit on Thursday 11th March.

The President requested to visit Birmingham to speak to ex patriot Somali’s about the need for peace and unity in Somalia. 

West Midlands Police were responsible for the Birmingham part of the President’s UK visit.  Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Fire and Ambulance Services and the health service worked with the Police in ensuring the visit was well planned and took place sucessfully.

The Birmingham Resilience Team co-ordinated the agencies working together.

Stephen Grogan, Head of Birmingham Resilience Team said, “A number of arrangements had to be quickly put together. The Police deployed officers to ensure the President’s visit was safe and to manage the large numbers expected, whilst ensuring disruption to the local community was minimal.  The City Council had to quickly deploy resources to assist with crowd management, re-route traffic and close a local road, whilst doing everything possible to minimise traffic disruption to the city.  The Fire and Ambulance Services put together comprehensive plans and medical arrangements to ensure the safety of those attending the event.”

“During the visit, officers from all agencies came together to ensure any situations were dealt with quickly and professionally.  The success of the Somali President’s visit was a result of the trust and close partnership working by all agencies in Birmingham, which has developed through continually working, planning and training and exercising together.”

“In Birmingham we are regularly having to plan for large scale and at times emotive events and the people of Birmingham can know that we all have a huge commitment to ensuring that Birmingham is a safe and welcoming city.  The visit was a big success.”

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