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Representatives from the Birmingham Communities & Neighbourhoods Resilience Group (BCNRG)  along with Birmingham City Council staff who act as Emergency Volunteers recently visited the Casualty Bureau.

The Casualty Bureau, or Incident Information Centre as it is also known, forms part of an emergency response following a major incident.  It is run by West Midlands Police and provides the initial point of contact for members of the public to give information relating to friends or relatives who they believe may have been involved in the emergency.

The Incident Information Centre has three fundamental tasks:-

This will involve:

Where an incident occurs in the West Midlands Police Force area it is very likely that an outside force would perform the incident enquiry and casualty information functions, leaving the West Midlands Incident Information Centre to deal with Identification issues.

As part of this process a telephone number is issued via the media for friends and relatives to ring, to register their concern and lodge details of the person they are worried about. This telephone number will be circulated to the media as soon as the Incident Information Centre is operational – usually within two hours of the decision to open.

This is the second visit successful to have taken place where everyone participating gained a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of other agencies and specifically the Casualty Bureau if activated and how in turn this could affect those affected by an emergency.

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