Working together for a resilient Birmingham.

Champions of resilience

Newly recruited Birmingham Resilience Champions met for the first time on 31st April.

Birmingham Resilience Team is currently working with community groups and Birmingham businesses to identify local Birmingham Resilience Champions. 

Jan Quigley, Emergency Planning Officer says: “This campaign has only been running for a very short time, but the number of volunteers is growing on a daily basis.  If we have the emergency services, city council, communities and businesses working together we can really make a difference and minimise the impact that emergency incidents have on our lives”.

champions-group-articleThe ‘champions’ who attended the first induction meeting were very eager to sign up to several duties, ranging from promoting emergency preparedness tools to actually assisting in real emergency incidents.

John Williams from Selly Park South Neighbourhood Forum was the first champion to be activated during a recent burst water main, which left 13,000 properties with no water for several hours.   John was contacted and asked to provide specific information on the location of the burst mains and this allowed the Birmingham Resilience Team Duty Officer to send out a Birmingham Community Alert message to all the affected residents and keep them informed with up to date information for the duration of the incident.

If you represent a business, community, faith or voluntary sector organisation and would like to be a Birmingham Resilience Champion then please visit the web page or email or telephone Jan on 0121 303 4825.

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