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City stages emergency exercise – photos

The Broad Street area of Birmingham was transformed last Sunday morning (30 October) by the staging of the largest emergency planning exercise to be held this year. 

Exercise Birmingham Shield was held to assess how prepared the city would be in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) incident.

Police, firefighters, ambulance, hospital and other emergency personnel from across the region were involved, alongside over 100 volunteers playing the part of injured and uninjured survivors.

Glen Curry, Exercise Director said: “The mock-incident started with a release of a chemical substance inside a building on Broad Street which triggered the arrival of emergency services to the scene. The most severely affected by the substance required immediate treatment by the removal of their clothes and being washed down.

Others within the building at the time awaited the set up of large showers, set up on Centenary Square by firefighters and ambulance personnel.  Orange suits were distributed in order that potentially contaminated clothing could be removed prior to going through the showers.

Once coming out of the showers green suits were given and then following an assessment by doctors and ambulance staff, the survivors were taken to a reception centre where they were able to change into new clothes and provided with further medical and welfare assistance by a city council team.

The exercise could not have been possible without the willingness of over 100 members of the public who volunteered to get up early on a Sunday morning and play the part of casualties.

Any exercise of this scale will always provide us with lessons on how we could improve our response to emergency incidents. This will be the focus of all organisations involved over the coming weeks to ensure we are as ready as we can be for such emergencies.”

View all the photos from the exercise on our Flickr page

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