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Climate change – the long-term challenge

Heatwaves, drought and floods represent some of the very highest risks that will be faced by the UK. Latest research has shown that unless emissions of CO2 are reduced to almost zero by the end of this century, a rise in the mean global temperature of 2°C is likely. Dangerous climate change would be the result.

What is becoming increasingly obvious is that not only do we need to meet the challenge of climate change BUT we must also improve our ability to manage the consequences:

Knowing what to do to protect homes and communities
Parts of Birmingham can be at risk of flooding from the rivers Cole, Rea, Tame and their tributaries. Even more neighbourhoods can be at risk of flash flooding at times of intense rainfall.  It would be sensible to follow the advice elsewhere on this website and the recently updated flood advice guides from the Environment Agency.

New Flood and Water Management Bill
This new Bill was published by DEFRA on Thursday 19th November 2009. The Bill addresses many of the recommendations from Sir Michael Pitt’s review of the summer 2007 floods.  It will give the authorities that manage flood risk better powers to do so, putting local authorities in charge of dealing with local flood risk and the Environment Agency in charge of overseeing flooding and coastal erosion nationally. In addition to the provisions in the Bill, the Government is providing more funding than ever before for maintenance of traditional flood defences to protect communities around the country.

The Bill will:

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