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Volunteers help battle burst water main

Community volunteers from Selly Park Flood Action Group swung into action as a burst water main threatened to cause flooding of homes and traffic disruption on Wednesday (April 21).

The burst occurred just before 11am with a strong stream of water emerging from under the footway on Dogpool Lane, Selly Park.

A lake of water quickly accumulated with water extending down Fashoda Road and coming within inches of flooding properties.

However help and assistance was provided by Selly Park Flood Action Group.

The group was established after serious flooding in the area in 2008 from the nearby River Rea. Members of the local community have volunteered to be ‘flood co-ordinators’ and were quickly alerted to Wednesday’s incident.

They took charge of the situation and liaised with the Birmingham Resilience Team and Severn Trent Water to try and advert serious flooding.

burstmainJohn Clayton, flood co-ordinator for the group, said: “Although not caused by heavy rainfall or water from the river, this incident caused a lake of water in the same area and brought back the memories of 2008 where properties were severely flooded.

“The way we dealt with the incident was a very good example of how the local community have come together to help in times of emergency and how effectively we work with the city council’s resilience team.”

As well as the flood co-ordinators taking charge of the scene and ordering sandbags, the resilience team used their free Birmingham Community Alert service to alert local residents to the disruption.

One resident, in an e-mail to the council, said: “Many thanks to all the resilience team for the information today about the burst water main. I got helpful and timely information by text, mobile voice message, land line and e-mail. Brilliant!”

Residents and workers in Birmingham can register to receive free emergency messages by going to the registation page or by sending a text message with the word ALERT followed by a postcode to 83118.

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