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Cruse Bereavement Care – Providing Specialist Information and Support

Cruse is the largest bereavement charity in the UK.  All volunteers have been recruited, selected and trained in the understanding of loss and grief and the skills of bereavement support. 

Volunteers that are recruited to provide support following a major incident have to meet additional criteria including extensive experience of sudden and traumatic death, flexibility, the ability to be pro-active and a team working orientation.  In addition to the core training a new 3 day disaster response training course is being introduced for all Cruse volunteers who may be involved in a major incident. 

In a major incident Cruse can provide appropriate literature to support those affected including the Cruse leaflet – Coping with a Major Personal Crisis and for young people – After Someone Dies.   Cruse has extensive experience of providing support following major incidents including September 11, the tsunami and the London Bombings.

In the aftermath of an emergency where death has occurred Cruse would assist with:

• Provision of emotional and practical support to survivors, family and friends
• Being with people who are in shock
• Spending time with people waiting for/absorbing news
• Being alongside people who are in acute distress
• Providing information to people about what they may be experiencing
• Providing information about ongoing support available from Cruse and other agencies
• Assisting and providing emotional and practical support to other agencies
• Information and support via telephone

For further information about how Cruse can help you, someone you know, or your organisation, please contact (0121) 687 8011.

Visit the Cruse Website at:

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