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Disaster Action Website Launched

Disaster Action have launched their new website. Disaster Action is a charity, founded in 1991 by survivors and bereaved people from UK and overseas disasters. Its members have personal experience of  28 disasters, including rail, air and maritime as well as natural disasters and terrorist attacks in the UK and overseas. The charity came together to help create a health and safety culture in which disasters are less likely to occur, to offer guidance and support to others who find themselves similarly affected and to raise awareness of the needs of survivors and bereaved.

Disaster Action is concerned with the general principles and issues relevant to any disaster, whatever its origin. It uses its members’  experience to offer support and information for bereaved and survivors from disasters. This work has included a series of leaflets entitled When Disaster Strikes. For the small number of survivors and bereaved who go on to develop conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder as a result of their experience, further help is available. Disaster Action raises awareness of the needs of those directly affected by disaster, acting as lay advisers to central and local government and the statutory and voluntary services on emergency planning and response guidance and policy. 

The new website is


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