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Driest first six months of the year for 100 years

The UK has had the driest first six months of the year for 100 years.

Figures released by the Met Office reveal June ended with below average rainfall and January to June had average rainfall of 362.5 mm, making it comparable with 1953 which had 361.1mm. 

Water companies across the UK have warned customers to all play their part in ensuring that water is used wisely.  But are we going to subject to water restrictions in Birmingham?

sprinkers_smallSevern Trent Water supplies most of Birmingham’s water.  David Essex, water strategy manager for Severn Trent Water, commented: “A hosepipe ban for Severn Trent customers is a long way off yet, but it has been the driest start to the year for a long time. We often take for granted simple things like turning on the shower, or putting the washing machine on and as a water company we must have plans in place to ensure we can cope with supply and demand whatever the weather.

“We recognise the need to constantly focus on doing all we can as a water company, but it’s important that we all take steps make sure we are careful with what we use, particularly with hosepipes and sprinklers. For example, established lawns and grassed areas generally do not need watering to survive a dry spell.”

Mike Turrel from South Staffs water said, “Our key message is to urge customers to use water wisely, we currently have no plans for water restrictions”.

There are many ways we can become more efficient in the way we use water, here are are simple tips:

In addition why not share these tips with your friends and family to help them understand how they can be water efficient too.

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