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Emergency Exercise In Birmingham City Centre

Emergency services, Birmingham City Council,  and a number of other agencies today took part in a major exercise in Birmingham city centre which focussed on the behavioural response of those involved in an emergency.  This exercise formed part of a much wider EU project, which looks at sharing best practice on response to certain types of emergencies.  The scenario for the event was a mock terrorist incident which included role play volunteers displaying symptoms to simulate the release of a hazardous substance.  Emergency services were then called to respond as they would if responding to a real event.  This included taking volunteers through the decontamination showering process and on to a what is known as a Survivor Reception Centre where welfare provision is available. 

Birmingham City Council officers were involved in multi-agency meetings along with a number of other responding agencies and as part of the welfare response within exercise play. The Council’s Director for Public Health also took part in the exercise to liaise with Public Health England colleagues in the consideration of public health advice to the multi-agency coordinating groups.  Exercises like these are an important opportunity to test local plans and to share best practice.  Birmingham Resilience Team are very grateful to all of the role play volunteers who gave up their day to assist in this event and all the support from colleagues from the UK and International emergency response community who assisted in a variety of essential roles to enable this complex exercise to take place.


West Midlands Police led the local multi-agency planning team for the exercise working alongside representatives from CBRNE Ltd.  A West Midlands Police press release is available by clicking here.

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