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Emergency Response: An Environmental Health Trainee Perspective


My name is Aaron and I am currently on a placement at Birmingham City Council’s Environmental Health Department. Part of my training requires engagement in a situation in which a population is exposed to a risk, such as an environmental hazard.

I therefore spent three days with the Birmingham Resilience Team, the first of which involved a training exercise based on a reservoir flooding scenario. It was exciting to see how the ‘Council Emergency Co-ordinating Centre’ (CECC) would operate in a real incident, as well as how the team adapted to changing situations. I found it a challenge, but also rewarding to be involved in deciding appropriate interventions with minimal information and developed an appreciation for the complexities involved in communicating with other agencies involved in such an exercise.

The following days were spent evaluating the exercise, reviewing emergency plans and considering how I may be involved in certain incidents in an Environmental Health capacity.

I have certainly enjoyed my short time here and it is good to know Birmingham is in safe hands!

Aaron Montgomery,

Trainee EHO


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