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Exercise Homeland – British Red Cross

Red Cross

Birmingham Airport and the British Red Cross are organising Exercise Homeland to be held on Tuesday 18 March 2014 and they need your help !

Birmingham Airport Limited has recently reviewed and made some changes to its Emergency Orders and as part of the review, a new location for the Family and Friends Reception Centre (FFRC) has been identified. In line with regulatory requirements, they now have to exercise these changes. To that end, Birmingham Airport Limited will be conducting an exercise on March 18th 2014 between during the evening (from 18:00 until around 23:30) and are seeking a number of volunteers to take part.

Volunteers will play one of two roles; volunteers to play the part of either a survivor or a family and friend of that survivor. Unlike previous exercises you may have attended in the past, this exercise is totally confined to the Terminal buildings and associated infrastructure. There will be no incident site or simulated aircraft accident as such. The purpose of the exercise is to test the overall processing of survivors and their associated family and friends.

Further details such as timings and scope of the exercise will be given to persons who volunteer for this exercise.

Should you wish to register your interest in volunteering for the exercise or require any further information, please contact  Adrian Powney (on email by the 3rd March 2014.


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