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Fire brings local community to action

As a major fire ripped through a textile and clothing factory on Stratford Road, the local community sprung into action alerting neighbours and opening their homes to look after evacuated residents.  

Gurminder and Satty, both sisters and brother Sukhpal along with other members of the local community, organised a kitchen to provide refreshments to emergency service workers and for those without gas and electricity in their own homes. 

Satty, Gurminder and Winston who were helping in the local community

“As soon as the fire took hold we warned local shop holders and residents of homes close to the fire” says Gurminder. “We gathered together our children and gave them all tasks to keep them occupied.  We set up a kitchen from our family home and provided hot drinks to our local people and the emergency services for over 12 hours.” 

“We worked with PCSO’s Nadia Ilyas and Samual Norgate and Jan Quigley, the City Council’s Emergency Planning Officer, to identify and check on elderly neighbours with no electricity or gas to make sure they were alright.” 

 Jan Quigley, Emergency Planning Officer, was working at the scene. “What happened in this community is a real life example of how people come together in emergencies.” 

 “Checking on vulnerable neighbours, helping provide refreshments and providing shelter for those evacuated, even though we had identified an emergency shelter, really shows true community resilience”. 

Thick black smoke was seen throughout the area

The aftermath of the damaged building

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