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Five years since the Birmingham Tornado

The 28th July 2005 is remembered for the devastating Birmingham Tornado which swept through Birmingham.

tornadoSeveral areas, including Kings Health, Moseley, Balsall Heath and Sparkbrook were hit by the force T4 tornado. The wind reached speeds of up to 130mph, uprooting trees and pulling roofs off buildings.   An estimated £40m of damage was caused as the tornado travelled over several kilometres affecting at least 4,400 homes and 617 businesses.

Martin Tolman, Acting Head of the Birmingham Resilience Team, was on call the day the tornado struck. “The call come in at 14:30 and during the afternoon and the days after over 900 Council staff and 600 contractors were involved in the huge response.  Emergency accommodation was provided for over 175 residents severely affected and technical staff were on site within 30 minutes, surveying 1000 properties in the first 24 hours.”

“We’ve made very significant progress over the last five years. We have further improved our response capabilities and worked with our communities to ensure we are all better prepared when emergencies happen.  This includes producing a wide range of information and guidance and introducing Birmingham Community Alert, a free emergency alerting system. We have also improved how we deal with a wide range of very different types of emergencies through the formation of the Birmingham Resilience Team.”


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