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Flood warning code changes

The Environment Agency has made changes to their flood warning service. These changes have been brought in to make the service easier to understand and have been developed through consultation with the public, emergency response agencies and using the Environment Agency’s experience of recent flooding events.

The Environment Agency have introduced new flood symbols and updated their warning messages to provide more local information and give clearer guidance about what people need to do.  

flood-alert-100 This replaces the current flood watch.  A flood alert will indicate that flooding is possible and that you need to be prepared
flood-warning-100 This will indicate that flooding is expected and that you should take immediate action.  You should take action when a flood warning is issued and not wait for a severe flood warning.
severe-flood-100 This will tell people that there is severe flooding and danger to life.  These will be issued only when flooding is posing significant risk to life or disruption to communities.


Individuals are expected to take action on receipt of a Flood Warning.  The criteria for issuing Severe Flood Warnings has changed and these will only be issued in extreme cases where there is significant risk to life or disruption to communities.  This change will affect everyone who would have previously expected to receive a severe flood warning and will now receive a Flood Warning as notification to act.

For information on these changes please go to or contact Floodline on 0845 988 1188.

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