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Flooding report released

Birmingham City Council’s Scrutiny and Overview Committee have released their report on Flood Risk Management and Response in Birmingham.

The report asked what leadership role the City Council should take in both preventing flooding occurring, and responding to flooding when it occurs. 

flooding_imageIt also reviewed the priorities, pressures and public concerns in relation to flood risk management and outlines the implications for Birmingham following the recent Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

The report contains a series of recommendations for the City Council.

The scrutiny committee heard from representatives of a range of different agencies, including departments within Birmingham City Council (including the Birmingham Resilience Team), West Midlands Police and Fire Service, Advantage West Midlands, the Environment Agency, the Midlands Regional Flood Defence Committee, Severn Trent Water and the West Midlands Regional Assembly.

The committee also conducted a series of visits to parts of Birmingham which were recently affected by flooding and met with community representatives from those areas.

The Birmingham Resilience Team is a multi-agency team involved in planning and responding to emergencies, including flooding.

Ed Whitton, Partnership Resilience Manager from Birmingham Resilience Team welcomes the report, “We have been closely engaged in the scrutiny process and fully support the aim of the committee.  The Birmingham Resilience Team knows first hand the devastation caused by flooding to our communities and the personal loss felt by affected Birmingham residents”

“The cases of flooding that we have experienced in Birmingham in the last few years have been some of the worst on record and the frequency of the incidents has also been unprecedented, meaning we have faced some strong tests of our systems and processes.

“We support all of the report’s recommendations and look forward to working with Councillors and colleagues to take the recommendations forward.”

“There is much good practice when it comes to tackling flooding in Birmingham, like the creation and development of flood action groups in the areas that are most prone to such emergencies – but we are determined to refine and improve what we do to minimise the effects of such incidents in the future.”


Hear from John Clayton, Flood co-ordinator for Selly Park South Flood Action Group, on his experiences of the floods of 2007 and how the community have become more prepared for flooding in the future.


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