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GOV.UK Verify

GOV.UK Verify is the new way to prove who you are online.

It gives safer, simpler and faster access to government services like filing your tax or checking the information on your driving licence.

1. How GOV.UK Verify works

It takes about 15 minutes to verify your identity the first time you use GOV.UK Verify, and a couple of minutes any time after that.


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When you use GOV.UK Verify to access a government service, you choose from a list of companies certified to verify your identity.

The company you’ve chosen may ask you some questions, or perform other checks using photo identification and financial information before confirming your identity to the government department you’re trying to use (eg to HMRC if you’re doing your tax).

Each certified company has different ways of verifying your identity, and the options are growing all the time.

Using certified companies makes GOV.UK Verify a safer, simpler and faster way of accessing government services online.

It’s safe because information is not stored centrally, and there’s no unnecessary sharing of information. The company you choose doesn’t know which service you’re trying to access, and the government department doesn’t know which company you choose.

It’s fast and simple because you can do it all online, without going to prove your identity in person, or waiting for something in the post.

You can read more on the blog about how we select certified companies, and the standards they have to meet in order to connect to GOV.UK Verify.

2. Government services you can use with GOV.UK Verify

You can only use GOV.UK Verify when you need to access one of the following services.

More services are joining GOV.UK Verify all the time.

3. Certified companies

4. Resources

If you need help, you can find the certified companies’ helpdesk hours and contact details on the GOV.UK Verify blog.

If you’re a government service provider, find out how to connect your service to GOV.UK Verify.

GOV.UK Verify engages with industry, public and private sectors through the Open Identity Exchange (OIX).

GOV.UK Verify is being built by Government Digital Service (GDS), working with government departments, and the Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group.

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