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Icy weather and gritting update

As of the evening of 5th January, Birmingham’s road network had been gritted for 22 consecutive nights, significantly breaking the previous record of 14 consecutive nights.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said:

“We have been gritting the network at a greater intensity in an effort to keep the city moving.

Gritting LorryDespite this we currently have adequate supplies – though this situation can quickly change as other local authorities have seen.

We started the winter with higher stocks than in previous years and new supplies are on order.

As demands increase across the UK, we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure we stay on top of the situation.

Of course the situation could change with significant snowfall – as we have seen in other parts of the UK – and officers continue to closely monitor the situation.”

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Advice on grit bins

There are over 1000 grit bins provided across the city. These bins are usually placed off the treated network at approved locations and are to assist road users on a self-help basis. They cover potentially hazardous locations such as gradients to busy junctions and steep hills and sharp bends.

Grit is provided for use on the public highway and  grit bins are regularly topped up during the winter period.  Residents who require grit or salt for their properties need to purchase supplies from local builders merchants.  Please do not use the contents of the grit bins for any other area than the public highway.



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