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Latest community meeting update

The Birmingham Communities and Neighbourhoods Resilience Group met on Thursday 4th March 2010, to discuss two innovative and exciting projects that the Birmingham Resilience Team is forging ahead with.

Birmingham Community Alert

Jan Quigley, Emergency Planning Officer, explained how this new ‘free to the user’ system, which went live earlier this year, worked. Residents, business users etc. register a maximum of three Birmingham postcodes for which they want to receive up to date information about emergency incidents within those areas.  The alert can be transmitted via SMS text, landline telephone, email and fax.   To find out more go to our Birmingham Community Alert information page.

Birmingham Resilience Champions

Every neighbourhood, faith, community, business and workplace organisation is being encouraged to identify one or two members to act as Birmingham Resilience Champions.  One important role will be to ensure that the resilience message reaches as many people as possible, so that individuals, families and communities are better prepared to minimise the impact of emergencies should they occur. Martin Tolman, Birmingham City Council Emergency Planning Manager explained the role, and 15 Birmingham Resilience Champions were signed up on the spot.

Martin said ‘You are already active members of your community groups and organisations. This initiative will provide a fantastic platform to ensure that our information and advice can reach out to a much wider audience.  It is only by working in partnership with the emergency services, other statutory organisations and our communities that we can make Birmingham a truly resilient city’.

Are you an active member of your community?  Would you like to volunteer to be a Birmingham Resilience Champion?  If so please contact Jan Quigley by contacting us.

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