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National Cyber Security Programme – Think Cyber Think Resilience Conference

This was the last in a series of Conferences that have seen over 1,000 senior leaders participate from across all sectors but mainly government. The National Conference was held on 7 February 2017 at Manchester Town Hall  it provided a strategic overview of cyber resilience in the context of wider challenges faced by local public service providers. It built on, and developed, the issues discussed at the London Summit (held 1st December 2016) but with more focus on the priorities and challenges in 2017/18.

Local Authorities and the wider local public sector service sector can no longer assume IT security is enough to protect their Networks, Systems or Data. Cyber Resilience is the ability of an organisation or place to: prepare for, detect, respond to and learn from cyber related incidents. UK public services are under constant attack, it is no longer a question of if an attack occurs but when will an attack succeed:

A number of excellent speakers included presentations from:

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