Working together for a resilient Birmingham.

New Director and Head of Resilience for Birmingham

Birmingham Resilience Team has undergone a makeover with changes to the management structure to enhance emergency planning, response arrangements and partnership working in Birmingham.

Alistair Campbell, Head of Resilience and Local Engineering

John Blakemore, formerly the Chief Highway Engineer, is now Director of Highways and Resilience.  John takes on the lead city council role for resilience in Birmingham. 

Alistair Campbell has been appointed as Head of Resilience and Local Engineering and heads up the well established Birmingham Resilience Team.  

Speaking of the changes, John Blakemore believes the revised structure will reinforce the resilience of Birmingham.

“There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our citizens and communities at times of crisis, be they natural or manmade. ”

John Blakemore, Director of Highways and Resilience

“These changes will serve to enhance the work of the Resilience Team in ensuring we are prepared and can respond to any future challenges our City may face.”

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