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New Street Station Gateway – changes from 28th April

On Sunday 28th  April 2013, everything changes at New Street as the project reaches the half way point. The concourse and the existing entrances you use today will close and three new entrances will open into the first half of your new station. Although the atrium won’t be unveiled until the end of the project in 2015, the first half of the station will have all of the facilities you expect, plus new lifts and escalators to every platform to improve access.

Important information for pedestrians

The existing concourse entrance off Smallbrook Queensway will close; you can either walk along the new walkway (beneath the Odeon) which will take you around to the new entrance on Stephenson Street. Alternatively, the link bridge connecting the Bullring to the Pallasades shopping centre will remain open, providing an indoor route into the shopping centre and down the new escalators taking you in to the new concourse. The existing Pallasades escalators will close as part of our second phase of station refurbishment.

If you currently use the Victoria Square exit on Navigation Street, the new entrance on Stephenson Street is just 1 minute walk away.

Important information for vehicle users

The vehicle drop off and pick up at the front of the station off Smallbrook Queensway closes at the same time as the existing concourse. The new vehicle drop and go will be located on Hill Street, if you’re driving to the station to either drop someone off or short stay park. The taxi pick up point will remain in its existing location on this side of the city on Navigation Street.

Further information can be obtained from:  Network Rail National Helpline on 08457 11 41 41 or visit


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