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Pakistan floods – a major disaster

Over the last three weeks, Pakistan has been experiencing the worst flooding in the region for over eighty years.  More than 1,600 people have been killed and over 20 million people have been affected so far by the flooding. According to the United Nations this is the worst disaster, to have occurred in decades worldwide. The flooding has severely affected a geographical area larger than England.

pakistan_smallThe floodwaters have washed away millions of hectares of crops. Tens of thousands of villages are still submerged and roads and bridges have been destroyed. Disease is spreading rapidly amongst the flood victims and the first case of cholera has been confirmed. There have been warnings that dams in the south may fail and more rain is expected.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has visited flood-hit Pakistan and says the destruction is ‘beyond imagination’. He is calling for an ‘unprecedented’ response, urging foreign donors to speed up aid to Pakistan. Six million people desperately need emergency aid and most have still not received what they require.

Birmingham’s Pakistani origin communities are particularly worried with many people having family connections in Pakistan and many have been personally affected whilst visiting Pakistan over the holiday period.

The world community, UK Government, charities, non governmental organisations and individuals are all supporting the people of Pakistan in this desperate time. But more can and needs to be done so that the death toll does not rise further, through providing urgently needed water, food, medical aid and shelter.

We can all help in our own way, by making a donation, organising a work place collection, donating an hours pay, having a samosa sale, or by contributing part of your organisations’ sales, like National Express for example who are donating 20p from every bus fare taken on the Number 8 bus route.

See a release by the Prime Minister’s Office issued on Wednesday 25th August 2010

What can you do? 

If you would like to donate there are many charities working on the ground that would welcome your donations:

Please help if you can.

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