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Priority Services Register for Electriciy Users in the Midlands

Medically dependent customers

Customers who depend on electricity for home medical care, or who have special communication needs, can find power cuts particularly worrying.

If customers depend on electricity for medical reasons, or have special communication needs (such as being blind or deaf, for example) they can join Western Power Distribution’s Priority Services Register. They can then:

Please click here for more information about their services and how to contact them.

Please click here for their power cut advice leaflet.

Please click here to view their accessibility options.

Other vulnerable customers

Western Power recognise that many customers require assistance during a prolonged electricity supply interruption, even if they are not medically dependent.

Vulnerable customers on the register can ask them to agree a password with them should they need to visit them.  This will ensure they feel safe and know who is at their door.

They also have an agreement with the British Red Cross which allows them to attend large scale emergencies and support customers without power.


Joining the Priority Services Register

To join Western Power Distribution’s Priority Services Register please contact them by using the contact details below or you can complete an online form here.

They will need your name, address and telephone number(s) and the reason for you being medically dependent on electricity, or vulnerable.

For customers in the Midlands please contact:

Priority Customer Services
Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Herald Way
Pegasus Business Park
Castle Donington
DE74 2TU

Tel:  0845 724 0240
Textphone:  0845 6012318 (or use TextRelay)
Fax:  01208 892292
*Emails to this address are only picked up during office hours. If you need to report, or request information about a power cut please click here.

For further information visit their website:


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