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Selly Park Flood Action Group Exercise

Following the serious flooding of parts of the neighbourhood in September 2008, Selly Park South Flood Action Group was formed by local residents in 2009 to help on occasions when flooding is threatened or actually happens.

When the Environment Agency issues Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings, the Flood Action Group works with the Agency and Birmingham City Council in trying to assist in the protection of homes. Flood Action Group volunteers attempt to warn residents of the danger by making loud hailer announcements, and support residents by distributing flood defence equipment, working with Birmingham City Council to get sand bags delivered to the neighbourhood and generally trying to advise residents and keep them informed of the developing situation.

On the morning of Saturday 16th April 2016, 14 members of the Flood Action Group, supported by an officer from the Environment Agency, successfully carried out an exercise to test the working of the Flood Action Plan and to raise public awareness of the risk of flooding in the area.

Although it has not been necessary to fully mobilise the Flood Action Group since 2012, the danger of flooding remains. The most recent Flood Alert was on 9th March 2016. Fortunately the heavy rainfall on this occasion did not result in a full Flood Warning having to be issued and the event passed without incident. However, the level of the River Rea at Calthorpe Park Level Gauge reached 1.36 metres, whereas the maximum level reached during the flood of September 2008 was 2.20 metres. There is no doubt that if a level of this magnitude was reached again, a number of our local streets would be flooded, which is why the Flood Action Group and Plan and public awareness of the risk remain necessary, until the planned Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme (FRMS) is built. Further information about SPFAG and if you would like to join can be found onĀ





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