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The Selly Park South Flood Action Group (SPSFAG) held their Annual Exercise on Saturday 29th September 2012. This was a dry run, unlike the very real threat of flooding experienced by the group on Monday 24th September when they activated the flood plan for real during extremely heavy rainfall. Saturday’s exercise was plain sailing in comparison to the stormy weather that the group were faced with on Monday when the flood plan was fully activated. Throughout the storm the group were in constant communication with the Environment Agency and the City Council. Sandbags were delivered to the area and these were still in evidence on Saturday along with other flood mitigation products such as the airbrick covers/ and other improvised protection to stop water getting in to homes. Luckily water was prevented from penetrating homes on this occasion.

The exercise on Saturday was attended by the Flood Wardens under the leadership of the Co-ordinator John Clayton and partners from the City Council and the Environment Agency. The exercise included a call out of all flood wardens who mustered at their dedicated control points around the neighbourhood and were ready to manage a full activation of the plan. The exercise was followed by a door knocking exercise to distribute updated information to all homes in the flood action area to give residents information to help them to prepare, respond and recover from flooding incidents if they occur. A feedback session was held at the Christ Church after the exercise. Jess Rice a Community Development Officer from Lichfield Council attended the exercise to learn first hand how she can support the development of a flood action group in the Lichfield Area. Veronica Coleman Principal Emergency Planning Officer from Birmingham Resilience Team congratulated the group on behalf of all the agencies present for their hard work and commitment to community resilience.

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