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Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme

A £2.4 million flood alleviation scheme to reduce flood risk to more than 200 homes in the Selly Park South area has been approved.

Following detailed appraisal and design of a flood alleviation scheme for the community of Selly Park South, we are delighted to announce that planning permission has been received for the scheme and will begin construction shortly.

The Environment Agency, St Andrew’s Healthcare and Birmingham City Council as part of a group called the Rea Catchment Partnership. This group was formed to develop projects to reduce flood risk and improve the river environment across the River Rea Catchment.

The community of Selly Park South has suffered from flooding on a number of occasions, most notably in 2008 when some residents were forced to move out of their homes as a result of flood damage. Flooding in this area occurs when high flows in the River Rea overtop the left hand bank of the river, upstream of Dogpool Lane Bridge, before flowing along Dogpool Lane and into the residential streets of Cecil Road, Fashoda Road and Kitchener Road.

The flood alleviation scheme will reduce flood risk to both residential properties and an undeveloped part of the existing St Andrews site. St Andrew’s Healthcare have now been granted planning permission to extend their premises into this part of their site. Working together, we have reached an agreement regarding a funding contribution towards the alleviation works.

The option being delivered involves:

It is important to note that the area designed to flood will only fill with water during exceptional weather conditions and will otherwise be as accessible as it is now.
A map is included at the end of this briefing note that shows the level of flood risk to properties in Selly Park South and how the flood risk management scheme will help those properties.

Work is also continuing on the Selly Park north and Selly Oak scheme that received planning permission in October 2016.

Should you wish to receive more information please feel free to visit our website and use the “Contact Us” option to provide feedback. For any construction specific enquiries please contact – or 07577 470803.


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