Working together for a resilient Birmingham.

Student Environmental Health Officer Finds out about the Team

I am an Environmental Health Student with Birmingham City Council working towards my qualification to become an Environmental Health Officer. As part of my time with the Council I spent two days with the Resilience Team.

This is an aspect of the Council which I knew little about and as such I was intrigued to find out exactly what their work involved.

I was invited to two very different meetings; the first in relation to reviewing and updating the West Midlands Communication Plan and the second to discuss the plan for a West Midlands Conurbation Wide Emergency Exercise based on extreme wet weather conditions.

While both meetings were very different they had a key feature in common and that was the importance of partnership and the sharing of information. The meetings highlighted to me the complexity of emergency planning and the complications that modern technology such as social media can bring to a situation, where mixed messages may be sent out from varying parties which can be accessed by the public.

I found the work that the team do extremely interesting and varied and enjoyed the short time which I spent with them.

Hannah Whitlock (Student EHO)

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